Louis & Nelma started GGF in 1999.  Their desire is to raise up leaders in the church for the end time harvest that is coming.  Since receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1973, the Lord has graced them with a prophetic and teaching ministry that has allowed them to start, or help start, eight churches and minister to hundreds of people in eight states.

About Us

  1. GGF is an interdenominational church believing the Word of God (Bible) as final authority in our lives
  2. The Fivefold ministry of Eph. 4 is for today.
  3. Salvation through Jesus Christ.
  4. The Baptism of Holy Spirit.
  5. Gifts of Spirit are for today.
  6. Active worship & Prayer.
  7. Flowing in body ministry one to another.
"To know Him and make Him known"